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Biancorosa Weddings in Tuscany wedding service


The full service is for couples who need assistance from every single point of view. Whether you already know exactly what you are looking for or you don’t and have no clue where to start, or if you have no time, this service turns out to be the ideal one. We are aware that the term “full organization” means something different to everyone. Some see it as a consistent collaboration and involvement from their part in every single step to take and decision to make; for some others, it means being able to relax knowing that they have the best team on their side, working on their behalf: managers, designers and suppliers. This is exactly why we organize tailor made wedding ceremonies for each single couple and their families; looking after every single detail: from indicating the most suitable style, up to finding the perfect venue, from selecting the right vendors, to conducting budget analysis, and everything in between. You just have to say to what extent you would like to get involved, and we will proceed accordingly.


Micro or intimate weddings are quite different to organize compared to large scale ones. Given the small number of guests, you truly are free to customize every single little thing – and at a low budget, too. This type of wedding definitely represents the opportunity for you to celebrate your love just as you have always wanted to. BRWs will recommend the most suitable venues for you, with the advantage that the choice will be even wider due to the peculiar “size”. The planner that you choose is even more crucial when it comes to micro weddings. You will certainly want someone who is capable of making your dream come true, looking after every single detail. Our presence on the big day will be discrete; still you will be able to rely on us in case of any last minute requests.

Biancorosa Weddings in Tuscany elopements service


When thinking of their wedding day, some couples see it as a romantic getaway. They dream of eloping to a charming place like Tuscany, for instance. Being an event for two, the range of possibilities to choose from is limitless. You will have the chance to go a little wild and crazy if you wish. What is for sure is that such an intimate ceremony will make it possible for you to truly indulge yourselves and have fun. We will provide you with the best suppliers and solutions: officiant, photographer, videographer, best flowers and dinner reception, or anything that you might want to suggest. After the ceremony, you may consider going on a honey moon here in beautiful Italy; to visit some of our wonderful destinations and make special memories to treasure for the rest of your life.


Should you wish to celebrate a special occasion in a special way with your families and/or friends, we certainly are the perfect fit for you. We will be taking care of the logistics and the settings. Whether it is a birthday party, a pool party, a special dinner with your family or a welcome party in honor of your guests prior to your wedding ceremony, we will be there for you and recommend the most suitable and scenic venues accordingly. Bearing in mind that we are familiar with the hidden gems, best spots and places known only by locals. This way, even the most demanding guests will be impressed. Everyone will get the chance to enjoy their full Italian experience. The good times shared with your dear ones, will be remembered throughout the years.


It normally starts with you making your requests and asking questions about the event that you have in mind (when you want it to take place, number of guests, type of ceremony etc.). A video call is carried out after that, in order to get more specific information and also to get to know each other. I will then be able to provide you with a detailed quote and an evaluation of the average costs for the services that you require. As soon as you confirm by signing the contract, the real planning will get started.


We start by getting to know you, deciding how to tailor make your wedding ceremony in order to plan an unique one. We dream big while finalizing the main aspects of the event, from venue to budget.


This is the most fun part, where we have the chance to day dream and identify together the aesthetics of the event and start defining some customized details. We create a mood board and a color palette. We then select the key elements of the design chosen as well as the partners who will help you make your dream come true.


A well experienced planner really does make a difference in terms of a smooth organization process. We will point out the dead lines to meet, and guide you during any crucial moments, when you will be faced with decisions to make.


BRWs always prepare a detailed time line of the event in advance, so that they can oversee logistics and the various details on the actual wedding day; the couple will be able to enjoy themselves along with family and friends, knowing that our team is there for them behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The bride, the groom and their guests will definitely be able to enjoy a flow-less and unforgettable event.

Every single couple is unique to us. Everyone has different needs and wishes. We therefore prefer to create tailor made proposals. The cost for the consultancy depends on the number of guests and logistics of the event. Please contact us and after the complimentary video call we will provide you with your own quote. As for the wedding budget, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. We will therefore calculate the budget together with you, based on your needs and expectations.

We normally take on 15 full production weddings or events per year, in order to guarantee all of you the attention that you deserve.

A full destination wedding normally takes up to 12 months in terms of planning and designing. With such amount of time available, we can choose from a wider range of venues and suppliers. However, we also like dealing with last minute wedding ceremonies; our over ten-year experience allows us to be flexible and able to sort things out even at very short notice.

No, I don’t. I run a team. All wedding ceremonies are organized by a team led by me and another senior wedding planner. On the wedding day the team is composed by 2 to 5 staff members, depending on the complexity of the event.

Mainly yes, with some rare exceptions. In order to guarantee the best results, I prefer to select my own team of vendors.

We would rather your friends had the chance to sit back and relax, to celebrate with you the big day. We would not get them involved in the organization of the wedding ceremony, if possible. So the answer is no, we don’t work with friendors. We recommend the most suitable professional suppliers instead.

We work according to a policy based on total transparency: you will pay for our services and vendors straight after approving the quotes that we will have provided you with.

We would rather follow the whole process ourselves. However, as long as the suppliers chosen by you work professionally and according to the quality that we seek for our events, we might consider offering you our consultancy for the organization of the event. This would be in order to always guarantee the perfect out coming of the events that we plan.

Even better! Should you wish to not follow any aspects of your event, that’s what we are here for. We love our job, we can arrange everything for you. We will make our choices and take care of all details according to your needs and taste.