Something about me

Sandra Betti Bianco e Rosa Wedding in Tuscany

Hi, my name is Sandra

Hi, my name is Sandra and the time has come for me to tell you a bit about myself.

Not that I am particularly keen on doing that, as I am a big fun of the motto: actions speak louder than words. However, I also find it important for someone who decides to rely on me, to know who I am.

So, who am I?

I would say I’m a big girl. I am in my early forties and have been organizing events and wedding ceremonies for over ten years now. 

I am a lucky girl, as I am doing exactly what I like the most. This truly is the job of my dreams.

I am romantic. I love small gestures, thoughtful presents and well written cards.

I get emotional in front of joy and beauty, and am always looking for real hugs.

And what have I been up to so far in my life?

After studying arts at university, I started travelling all around the world due to the job that I was doing at the time. I then decided to give it a change and start a new career in the wedding industry and event planning in general. So I attended a training course to become a Wedding Planner to which various specializations followed over the years, as Destination Wedding Planner, Bridal Stylist and Wedding Designer

I combined my passions and my expertise with my job as Wedding Planner: the travelling, the language skills, the knowledge of cultures different from mine, it all helped me become a Destination Wedding Planner. My familiarity with art, along with my passion for design and furniture, made it possible for me to work as a stylist for various Styled Shootings, on an international level too.

There are so many things that I had the chance to learn over the years, first of all: looking at any new places that I would come across in a creative way; going further into detail with a visionary approach, imagining unusual settings.

And what can I do for you?

I can be your Wedding Planner! The person who will professionally and passionately assist you along the way to your wedding day. The one who will advice you for the best, the one you will be able to trust completely.

But I can also be your Stylist.

I very much enjoy organizing specific shootings for selected firms which might need rebranding or simply refreshing their usual looks. 

I am also more than happy to help small emerging businesses in the same industry as me, providing them with mentorship. Everyone needs professional advice or even just reassurance at the beginning of a new business as complex as this one, or if they are having a hard time. I am very open to telling them the tricks of the trade. 

I am confident that my optimism and my good mood will win you over.

See you soon,